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The ski instructor State Diploma requiring a high level competition, I thought that without having the technical past of others competitors, to reach my goal, I’ll need already to "have the body".
Combining useful with the pleasure of a new challenge, I register for the first time in a marathon in november 2010 to prepare for my ski season.

Step by step, I take a taste for endurance sports.
I discovered triathlon in September 2012, and decided to subscribe to the formidable Ironman distance: 3.8km swim , 180km bike , 42.2km running !


A month later, barely recovered from the first one, I put my name on the start list of Embrunman, which has the reputation of being one of the toughest triathlons Ironman format in the world.


15 days after Celtman, I replace an injured athlete on the first Rockman Swim & Run in Norway which runs in tandem. We finished 12th.


55km trail
5km swim
Ascension of the largest wooden staircase in the World (4444 steps)


In 2015, I participate in the first edition of the Austria eXtreme Triathlon, and I finished in 15h33. 10th overall, 1st French.


3,8km Swim
186km Bike (3900m D +)
44km trail (1900m D +)

I also discovered the world of trail with the first "Ultra-Trail Cote d'Azur Mercantour" in September 2015. I finished in 40h56m59. 86th overall.


140km Trail
10.000m D +,  9.000m D-
55% DNF

2015 is also the beginning of personal projects related to triathlon:
Ultra-Triathlon Napoleon, from Elba to Paris, 5 triathletes making 24/24 relay for 8 days, to support and highlight a charity association.
Project postponed in 2016.


270km Swim
440km Bike
490km Run


UTN postponed, I quickly set up in August 2015 a personal project that was close to my heart for many years: crossing great Alpine passes, biking between Grasse and Annecy round trip.


25.000m D +
6 days biking about 170km each

For my second season, I am fortunate to be qualified in one of the most extreme triathlons in the world, in Scotland:
Celtman Xtreme Scottish Triathlon.
I finished the race in 15h28m48. 44th overall, 2nd French.


3.3km Swim, water at 10 ° C
202km Bike (2000m D +)
42km Trail (2000m D +)

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