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I started skiing at 3 years old with my father. When

I was young, I wanted to do a “ski-school”. Things

are not always as desired, and at the meantime

my violin already took an important place

in my life. But one day, many years

later, I woke up saying:

"why would I not become

a ski instructor now?"
It all started from there.
At 26, to fulfill one of my childhood

dreams, I started ski racing whereas

I'd never done that before in my life.
So…Yes we can!

To book a lesson, please contact:


Ecole du Ski Français de la Foux d'Allos


Maison de La Foux



Tél : (+33) 4 92 83 81 64

Fax : (+33) 4 92 83 88 56


mail :

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